Search3D project
Web page of my project for courses at studies.
this is a test version, so please report me any bugs! (mail _AT_ bfilipek _DOT_ com) :)
If it is not working then download .NET3.5 Sp1link
First notes from users:
  • not to intuitive user interface, one can be "lost" for the first several minutes of using it - solved, by adding some help info
  • one could move the list by using mouse drag - solved
  • cylindrical layout is not working very good

Searching for images is not so effective as it should be. Even if you have search result of images from the google you need to do some mouse clicks in order to view image and move to onother page result. This application uses search engines and presents the result in some nice 3D view that will be much intuitive then using standard way...

main functionality:

  • search result displayed as 3D list
  • several list layouts
  • several search engines
  • plugins for layouts and search engines
  • easy to use user interface
  • user can save the image on his computer

spec.pdf - in polish only
  1. November 2008
    • research
    • google data api
    • other search engines
  2. December 2008
    • Simple Wpf 3D application
    • integration google data api with application
    • GUI refinement
  3. January 2009
    • new functionality
    • refinements
    • end of the work
almost the end 2? - 11 01 2009
some screen: czwarty
almost the end?- 7 01 2009
another screen trzeci
working... - 3 01 2009
pierwszy drugi
  • 4 different layouts with 3d animations
  • flickr and loading data from dics
  • multithreading/li>
  • full size image view