Over the years I managed to create some interesting projects that are listed on this page. Most of them are created at my studies (or in high school), but several comes from my spare time, after work. Hope that this list will get larger and larger.
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November 2012 - Startup V3

Startup V3 @ github | screen1 | screen2 | screen3

Version 3 of my startup framework for OpenGL apps that I use for classes. This is not a fully featured graphics engine but serves for teaching purpose mostly.
Project info Startup V3 @ my blog
University projects
February 2010 - Option Pricing

options.zip | screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

Implementation and comparision of two methods for Option calculation: Black-Scholes-Merton and Binomial Tree, written using OpenCL

Project info Options
June 2009 - Zombie Game ;)

no download option screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

Game created with Kamil Bartocha and Mark Ma¶ko. This project follows the recent popular topis among games: Zombies! :) Unfortunately it is not finished yet - that's why the player is a Cube and zombie is a Sphere :). But we are still working on it.
January 2009 - search3D

screen1 screen2

Application uses image search engines and presents the result in some nice view.
Written in WPF, C#

go to the project's site: Search3D
June 2008 - ADS :D

screen1 screen2 screen3

My very first web portal :D
It was written for "programming in computer network" subject. Technologies used: Java, JSP
Nothing special unfortunately :)
June 2008 - Bef 0.5

bef.zip | screen1

My framework for the openGL based application.
For now it includes:
management of the window creation and setup of graphics modes, texture management, shaders - GLSL, Logger, scene management, timer.

more details are described here (only in polish): Bef
February 2008 - GLWorm2

worm2.zip | screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5

This is continuation of the GLWorm project, that was written in 2005. I've added some interesting things - shadows, dynamic reflection, extrusion along spline path, bumpmapping, spotlight. All is made using fixed pipeline in OpenGL. After the project I decided not to use fixed pipeline and I started learning shaders.
January 2008 - XNA Effect Compiler :)

xnascripts.zip screen1 screen2

Project for Compiler classes. Written with Michał Drobot and Artur Staszczyk.
It is compiler/interpreter of our simple scripting language that can be used to dynamicly add effects and content to the game. It can be used by artists and hardcoded in editor tool. Done using .NET framework and XNA 2.0
January 2008 - Rope3D

rope.zip screen1 screen2 screen3

Phisical simuation of the rope in 3D space. Based on the NeHe tutorial: NeHe lesson 40
Written using OpenGL Api.
May 2007 - testGame

testGame.zip screen1 screen2 screen3

Quite simple 3D game written in almost 12 hours! It is not well tested, but I learnt a lot of DirectX when I was doing the game.
January 2007 - SB - Steering Behaviours

sb.zip screen1 screen2 screen3

Project written with Michał Drobot.
Michal wrote AI part - flocks of objects are flying through the space, they group together and avoid predators - the red ball. I made whole graphics part of this project.
January 2007 - FootballPolly

no download option screen1 screen2 screen3

One of my first, large and teamwork project. Written for Software Engineering classes with Paweł Fidelus, Artur Staszczyyk, Tomasz Dolot, Krzysztof Danielewicz.
I was responsible for the engine part - mostly graphics. Written in C++ in WindowsApi, DirectX9.
April 2006 - ViAlg

vialg.zip screen1 screen2

Project for "Programming 1" classes. It is an ineractive, educational app that demonstrates various sorting algorithms.
C++, Windows, OpenGL
April 2006 - DiningHall Problem

DiningHall.zip screen1

Little Books of Semaphores
Simple multithreaded application, solves "Dining Hall Problem"
Written in Java
January 2006 - THEME

theme.zip screen1 screen2

My first application for classes at studies! It is height map generator that can create maps using several fractal based methods. Maps can be saved and used as a terrain data...
written in FreePascal
High school projects
February 2005 - GLWorm

worm.zip screen1 screen2

Real time mesh extrusion - based on the article from Game Programming Gems. Written in OpenGL, C++, Win32
December 2003 - The Matrix

matrix.zip screen1 screen2

One of my best graphics effects! Based on the "matrix falling letters" :)
I posted this demo to allegro.cc (demos) and for a very long time it has the second place in ranking!.
Written in Allegro Game Library.
November 2003 - Coder3

coder3.zip screen1 screen2 (coder 2)

Third version of my encryption algorithm programs. This version added GUI (Win32) and improved general functionality. User can use it to encrypt files (using some symetric code) and decrypt later.
Before this version there were ony command line coder programs (coder1, coder2).
September 2003 - Simple

simple.zip screen1 screen2

My first simple engine 3d, written in Allegro Game Library! I tried to make this demo like scene-demos...
It was very important project for me, and I learnt a lot during that work...